Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adolf Hitler- Commander of The Third Reich

Hitler conceived of his role in terms of a duty to restore Germany to a great power, and this belief in the importance of his historic mission, shared by the German nation, enabled him to take on the characteristics of Weber's 'charismatic leader'. Hitler's own perception was a romantic notion of an artist with a vision, rather than a politician with an aptitude for running a state machine. As such he could transcend official bureaucratic procedures in governing the country and he relied on German support to do so.

The traits I see in him are:

1. Determination - He did not give up in the war. He didn't even surrender. He committed suicide.
2. Humble - He did not say he had "The Ultimate Power". He knew about his weaknesses. Even though he blamed his followers for it.
3. Strategic Mind - He carefully worked his way to conquer the whole of Europe, slowly but surely.

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